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June 28, 2012
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My entry for :iconotakusenshiidols: Round 6 - Princess

Note: This is a DIRECT continuation of my Round Five entry. It will take a while to load, but I promise it works! Has voice acting, so requires sound.

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Round Four - Gender Bender: [link]
Round Five - Death Scene: [link]

:star: Writeup :star:
:bulletred: The Princess :bulletorange:

In their home universe, the Black and White Knights were the devoted royal guard to the Princess of the Third Great Kingdom. The White Knight was her betrothed, and his twin brother the Black Knight was the leader of the guard and her most loyal servant. She was the youngest of the world's seven princesses, and one of the few to allow the new field of Science to burgeon in the realm. When Dr. Monochrome's experiments went awry, it broke her heart to see what befell he and his wife, but being the Princess she had her Kingdom to think of, and so ordered them sealed away under quarantine. When his wife died and he raised an army of constructs to invade the land, she realized that denying him the help he needed had created a formidable enemy. And when his forces reached the Palace, she realized that it would cost her her life.

Just before Monochrome took the Palace, she beckoned her most trusted knights to her. Summoning all her power, she extracted her own starseed and gave it to her beloved White Knight. She ordered him to go with his brother and hide, while she would face Dr. Monochrome, who would surely kill her. It was too late for her, and maybe for their whole world, but if they could find someone strong, someone pure, someone worthy of taking up the fight, she bade them entrust her starseed to this person. It might be their only hope.

And so the Knights hid, after much protesting by her betrothed, and Dr. Monochrome did indeed kill her. Her starseed protected them when he drained the colors from the world, and when he found a way to escape the world he had doomed, they followed him across universes. He was so obsessed with following the Franklins that he didn't notice the Knights following him! They took up station in this new world, learning its ins and outs, and it wasn't too long before Sailor Spectrum appeared...

The Knights realized that Spectrum had a starseed, though it resided in her paintbrush instead of her. It was strange, but she was still the only person in this new world they had seen who was capable of using a starseed's power. They began to train her in the hopes that she would be the one worthy of their Princess's starseed, but they were skeptical. The White Knight didn't want to give up his beloved princess's starseed, and the Black Knight simply thought Spectrum didn't have what it took to stand up to Monochrome. They watched her fail time and again... but they also watched her get back up and try again and again, and each time she became more powerful.

:bulletyellow: Spectrum Reborn :bulletgreen:

When Dr. Monochrome finally launched his attack on the city in person, Spectrum met him head-on. He took down her whole team with relative ease, and then attacked Spectrum herself. He shattered the magic paintbrush that held her synthetic starseed, and drained her of all her color in the same blow. She collapsed on the street, utterly lifeless, and the Knights realized they were out of options. The White Knight was reluctant, but the Black Knight had seen all he needed to see. Spectrum was willing to fight with her all and give up her life to protect the people of this world. There was no one else more worthy than she.

They gave her the starseed, hoping that her spirit hadn't strayed too far. This is where the animation comes in.

In a blaze of light, Spectrum was transformed! Her spirit had combined with that of the Princess. The Knights were astounded, not expecting a physical transformation. The White Knight was dismayed at how different she was from the Princess he'd loved, and the Black Knight was completely smitten. Dr. Monochrome was not amused.

With a snarl of fury, Monochrome raised his desaturation cannon and fired, but Princess Spectrum simply raised a hand and the beam sputtered out as colors shimmered in front of her like a shield. Speaking as both Spectrum and the Princess she said, "I know you've been wronged. But this is not the way." She spread her arms and a sea of colors washed over the entire area, restoring her fallen comrades and staggering the Doctor.

Monochrome shrieked as the energy of the colors wrenched Chaos from him, and his own colors were finally, after all this time, restored. Chaos fled and he collapsed unconscious on the street.

Spectrum knelt by him to be sure he was still alive, and seeing that he was, she closed her own eyes in relief and passed out. Her body had taken a beating, and she had been dead a few minutes, and all her energy was spent. Her Princess garb faded and she lie there, simply Elise Franklin, tired after a job well done. The Knights assured the rest of the Rainbow Senshi, now also de-transformed, that they would take good care of her. They took her home, and the Rainbow Senshi took Dr. Monochrome, now Dr. Chroma again, to the hospital. Sailors Cyan and Magenta disappeared, taking their own path.

And I guess that's the end of "Season One"!

:bulletblue: Art Notes :bulletpurple:

I didn't count my hours working on this one, it drove me a little nuts last time. ^_^; I decided to go with a more traditional Sailor Moon style to this, to fit the elegance of the Princess theme. It is the most finished animation I have ever done; I've never gotten past the pencil test stage before. The lip sync alone was 53 frames... the entire thing was somewhere around 100? My apologies for not adding a play button, I didn't have the time. I may add one later.

The Princess of the Third Great Kingdom is a mix of Audrey Hepburn and Art Noveau. I wanted her to have a very timeless look to her, which would work well with the "golden goddess" colors I planned on giving her.

As for Spectrum's Princess Dress (or, as I affectionately refer to it, the Rainbow Sherbet dress), I wanted to pick something pretty and lacy, but still artsy and edgy, to show both the personalities of the Third Kingdom's Princess and Elise Franklin. I based her dress on some of the crazier 80s wedding dresses (like this one in November Rain:[link] ), but with a more modern, sleeker look. The chiffon and crinoline is replaced by less stiff fabrics that hang more nicely. It's still very flashy, but not quite as gaudy. I also went with paler colors, as though she were so saturated with light and color that she glows. I absolutely love how she turned out.

Detail shots:
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